S20 Health+Fitness - We Need You

Firstly thank you for helping s20 and your gym community. 

PLEASE if you could follow this link sign and share the link provided to further outreach and boost our chance of a successful campaign.

Secondly please be aware that the parking enforcement officers are out due to persistent calls from our neighbour. 

To get these double yellow lines changed or removed we need your help to complain to the council. 

Please feel free to copy and paste the email or preferably, if you could spare some time to use the email as a point of reference, change the wording (this will have a better effect) and then send to the respective email addresses below to complain about the over exaggerated yellow lines affecting your parking to the gym. 

We really would appreciate all your support.

Kind Regards

Ryan and Dean

Please Email

"I am a member at the gym S20 Health+Fitness on the Holbrook Industrial estate and I feel I need to complain with regards to the extensive double yellow lines that were put down over 12 months ago.

As a community we have tried to work with the lines however it is making parking increasingly more difficult and stressful. 

We understand that the double yellow lines would be enforceable during business hours to assist with the delivery of large wheel based lorries to the neighbouring businesses.

However, the busiest times for the gym are when the neighbouring businesses are actually closed past 5:00pm throughout the week and the entire weekend. 

Surely it would be possible to add enforcement times to the parking restrictions or even change them entirely? 

As a community we have faced a barrage of abuse and continued aggravation from neighbours whose staff park outside of the gym forcing the members to have to park even further away when there are 0 deliveries being made and 0% chance of obstructing a closed business premise.

Kind Regards 

Your Name Here"


Alexandra.Redman@sheffield.gov.uk; Andrew.Godson@sheffield.gov.uk; transport@sheffield.gov.uk; info@s20healthandfitness.com