Emily Simpson


Contact: 07702092071

Instagram: emssimpson_

Email: emily00simpson@gmail.com


Level 2 Running Coach

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 3 Exercise Referral

BSc of Science Physical Activity Sport & Health


My approach to coaching is very similar to the way I train. Being a high performance athlete in middle distance running it is crucial for goals to be set in the near future & to also aim long term.

The longevity of the sport holds me accountable in all aspects in life, whether that’s to focus on recovery, rehabilitation & prehab exercises, nutrition and all types of training are merged to encourage that all round structure.

This is where my job becomes second nature to me as the collectives above are used to tailor those specific needs that you as a gym goer or runner enthusiast needs. Whether you’ve had minutes to years in the gym or can’t run 5minutes to wanting to personal best in a marathon, I should have you covered.

As always, health is wealth & I truly believe putting yourself first is the biggest win. Remember that everyone has their own journey no matter how big or small – it’ll get you to where you want to be.

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