Jemma Smith

From being involved in sports from a young age I have a strong understanding of how the human body works. I started taking my fitness more seriously from the age of 12 where I first began competing in swimming up until the age of 17. I then moved into the gym where I found my passion for weight training and body building.
I took on a Personal Trainer to teach me the basics of weightlifting and progressed from there! I have years of weight training experience and have tried and tested all my knowledge on my own training which has developed massively over the years, so I have a good understanding of how to apply this to others for their own specific goals.
Since deciding to begin my Level 3 Personal Training Qualification last year I’ve only learnt more, which I apply to my ongoing training daily!

Being able to work and train alongside pro athletes has broadened my knowledge in many fields. My training techniques continue to progress every day along with my nutritional knowledge.
I love being strong and active and I am always aiming to be the best version of myself. Having the opportunity to help others do this is a dream come true and something I value every day.  I love encouraging people to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and to see fitness as something they enjoy rather than something they have to do!

I feel creating balance within peoples lifestyles is massively important and I aim to help improve their general mindset through helping them achieve this one day at a time.
Creating your dream body isn’t all about spending countless hours in the gym, it’s about developing a strong and healthy mind that encourages you to bring out the best version of yourself in every aspect!



Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 2 Swimming Teacher
Level 3 Competitive Swimming Coach


Focus: Muscle development, Positive body image and relationship with food, Weight Training, Fat loss, General improved performance, Healthy mindset

1:1 Coaching and Group Training

Physique Coach

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