Callum Mollyneux

Hi, my name is Callum. 

I started training at 14 as a way to deal with my mums passing, leading to years of exercise addiction, running from what needed to be felt. Riddled with injuries at 17, following a wrist operation I was forced to stop training for 12 months to heal. 

My dream of being a pro bodybuilder burst, experiencing an identity crisis/ depression & in constant pain my focus shifted from bodybuilding to a path of physical, mental & spiritual healing. 6 years from then, countless hours spent with coaches, chiropractors & therapists has given me the depth in understanding to offer a unique perspective to work through any physical issues that might be stopping you from achieving your dream (whatever that is for you) & can relate to any mental struggles that may be going on too.


  • YMCA Lv3 Personal Training 
  • CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle coach Lv1 
  • APX Biomechanics Lv1
  • 1st Class Hons Degree Sport & Exercise Science


  • Body Composition. 
  • Injury management/ prevention. 
  • Holistic lifestyle coaching
  • Stress Management

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