Matt Seaman

Physique Coach

About me:

I’m an advanced and experienced trainer with a huge passion for seeking further education and guiding others to achieve their goals be that health, nutrition, movement or exercise related.

I’m a huge believer that education is the key to results. As such, I strive to ensure that my coaching experience encompasses not only everything the client needs to obtain results through a safe, and competent coaching process, but also to give the client the tools they need to keep their results for the rest of their life.

My successes with clients so far can be attributed to being driven to teaching self sufficiency and provoking critical thinking amongst others to improve and more importantly, keep the improvements.
Whether a professional athlete, an office worker or a client undergoing rehabilitation from a surgery, the same process of learning and applying will always hold true when it comes to results.

We deserve to have the best quality of life possible and i truly believe that the catalyst for this is taking the reigns on your own personal development.

Diploma in Performance Nutrition
Precision Nutrition Pn1
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 2 instructor / CPD (boxing, spin, circuits, nutrition)

Certifications/Short Courses:
Certified Rehabilitation Specialist workshops
Muscle Nerds Foundations (Biochemistry/bioenergetics)
Nexus Performance Mentorship
TRA Performance Seminars
MNU Conferences
FLF Weekend seminars (Exercise execution/Nutrition)
Muscle Mentors Practical Camps

Owner of MyFitness Platform
Podcast host – MyFitness Podcast
Coach @ Matt Seaman Personal Training
Coach @ S20 Physique Sheffield