Kris Unwin

Physique Coach


BSc Hons Sports science

Personal trainer level 2

Personal trainer level 3

Fitness instructor level 2


My attitude to Personal training is and always will be something I have the upmost passion for and driven to always be better. The reason for this is one thing training has taught me is that you can always have a better physique and you can always learn more and be more knowledgable at what you do. As an ex-professional footballer I understand what it takes to get to the top when it comes to performance and now in my new passion Bodybuilding, I also now understand what it takes to achieve physical excellence. Through sport I have developed an unquestionable amount of self confidence and finding out what I’m born to do. It allows me to express myself and each and every day be better, weather that be in the gym or life. Training has helped me create a work ethic and drive to be successful that can’t be questioned. I’m always very uptodate with the latest training strategies and things to come out of the fitness world to aid performance, so if your looking to now take training to a level you’ve either never been to or struggle to reach anymore, I’m here to help.

Areas of expertise

Bodyweight management

Performance nutrition

Strength and conditioning for athletes

Behavioral management

Lifestyle adjustments